nuclear bomb

nuclear bomb
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. nuclear armament, nuclear warhead, nuclear device, hydrogen bomb, H-bomb, atomic bomb, A-bomb, neutron bomb, cobalt bomb, C-bomb, atomic weapon, nuclear weapon, thermonuclear device, thermonuclear weapon; see also arms 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus) n.
atomic bomb, A-bomb, hydrogen bomb, H-bomb, thermonuclear bomb, fission bomb, nuclear warhead, neutron bomb, megaton weapon, kiloton weapon, *nuke, *the big one, *physics package, *peacekeeper.
absorption of radioactive material after blast: contamination
billowing cloud after blast: mushroom
cloud blast effect that causes damaging electrical surges: electromagnetic pulse
bomb portion of missile: warhead
bomb with blast yield equivalent of millions of tons of TNT: megaton weapon
bomb with blast yield equivalent of thousands of tons of TNT: kiloton weapon
fiery side effect of blast: firestorm
illness from fallout: radiation sickness
kills people, leaves buildings intact: neutron bomb
location of detonation at, below or above ground: ground zero
minimum fissionable material necessary for chain reaction: critical mass
penetrate deep underground, able to: earth penetrator
precipitation of radioactive material: fallout, rainout
splitting of atom: fission
spreads radiation only, low-cost, low-tech bomb that: dirty bomb
unit of radiation: rem
weapon with augmented radiation properties: salted weapon

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